Quando is a content focused and minimal ghost theme. This theme  is for bloggers, journalists, activists, writers, authors. This will  support all devices like desktop, tablet, mobile. It has a lot of  features that you need.

General features

  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Theme
  • W3 validated Code
  • Ghost 3.x compatible
  • Content API v3
  • Publication title and description
  • Primary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation
  • Social accounts link
  • Publication icon, logo and cover image
  • Tags with name description and image
  • Featured post slider
  • Primary tag
  • Primary author
  • Multi author
  • Popular tags
  • Cool footer design
  • Tag list
  • Tag feature image
  • Tag post count
  • Tag description
  • Tag posts
  • Author lists
  • Author cover image
  • Author Social links
  • Author Posts
  • pagination
  • Koenig Editor
  • Gallery and Bookmark and all other inbuilt card in Koenig editor
  • Responsive YouTube, Vimeo and all other embed
  • Normal image
  • Wide and fullwidth image support
  • Medium zoom image
  • Gallery support
  • Social post share
  • Related posts
  • Post navigations
  • Disqus comment box
  • Built on Bootstrap 4.x
  • Font awesome icons
  • Subscription form
  • 24/7 Support
  • SEO friendly code


  • Custom membership page
  • Subscriber form
  • Custom signin form
  • Custom signup form
  • Custom account page
  • Custom premium post design
  • Custom Subscriber only post
  • Pricing tables: Free, Monthly, Yearly
  • Sign-in, sign-up, subscribe and checkout notifications


  • Custom Tag list page
  • Custom Author list page
  • Single Tag page
  • Single Author page
  • Post page
  • Custom page design
  • Custom error page
  • Style Guide
  • Contact page

Page Speed


  • All photos used in the theme demo are from Unsplash
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