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Micheile Henderson's food photography stood out to us right away. Her food snaps aren't just capturing delicious meals — they're creative still lifes featuring food, flowers, and more.Based in Rotterdam, Micheile describes herself as a photo enthusiast who's always loved photography but just got more serious about it recently. We look forward to seeing where she takes her still lifes next.We talked to Micheile about how her daughter inspires her work and how she trains herself to look for visual inspiration everywhere.


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What camera gear do you use?

Until recently I used a Canon EOS 550 D, aka EOS Rebel T2i. It broke during a shoot a few months back, and I replaced it with a full frame Canon EOS 6D Mark II.I currently only shoot with the 50mm 1.8 lens. but will be adding to that ASAP. I also use a tripod, and a c-stand with tethering cables for almost all of my food and floral photography.

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What's your favorite type of photography to shoot?

My favorite type of photo to shoot is still life, especially food or flowersThey're the images that catch my eye when I am browsing social media feeds. I always wanted to be able to take the sort of photo I would also save on Pinterest, or like on social media.

I've recently starting working with hard light and shadows, and I love it! You'll be seeing a lot more of that from me soon.

What inspires your photography?

What doesn't inspire me? Haha, almost everything inspires me.Anything from a magazine cover, an interior, flowers growing on the side of the highway, or how the light casts onto a surface.I've had to learn to filter my inspiration and narrow it down so I can more easily focus on my projects. Otherwise I feel overwhelmed with ideas.

Who are some other photographers or artists who inspire your work?

My daughter Cierra is who inspired me to take better photos. To stop simply clicking images — to start paying attention to the details, composition methods, and things like depth of field.If it wasn't for her gorgeous photos I may have never started troubleshooting my own photography. I took photos of the same subjects as she did, but my photos didn't contain the visual interest that was visible in her photography.Linda Lomelino is hands down my biggest inspiration when it comes to food and floral photography.I love her portfolio work, her work for her blog Call Me Cupcake is so dreamy, and her videos are such an inspiration to see. She's a creative genius when it comes to storytelling.

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